The DotAsia Advantage

1Understanding of the Asian Marketplace: As the first and only gTLD from Asia, DotAsia has accumulated strong understanding of the diverse, young and dynamic Asian Internet marketplace. As a partner, you can leverage DotAsia’s knowledge in supporting strategic operations to reach the thriving market in Asia.

2Expert Knowledge of IDN: DotAsia and its members are pioneers of IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) technologies, policies and market development. The majority of the billions of users that are coming online do not speak English, IDN allows you to reach them.

3Proven Community Development Capabilities: Awareness and community building are important cornerstones for TLD development. As a not-for-profit organization, DotAsia has a proven track record of successful community development programs that strategically builds awareness as well as contributes to serving the community.

4Financial & Technical Support: DotAsia is prepared to invest and financially support TLD initiatives, as well as to work together with applicants to raise further funds. DotAsia also has strong technological knowhow to operate a TLD registry, and is leading the OpenR.Asia project for an open sourced EPP registry-registrar system.

5Industry Experience & Relationships: As a partner of DotAsia, you can reach and draw from a wealth of industry experience and relationships, including the network of registrars, especially from Asia. Between the management team, the board and Advisory Council, DotAsia has representation across ICANN’s governance structure, including the GNSO, ccNSO, ASO, GAC, SSAC and ALAC, as well as the many working groups and constituencies.

6Pioneering Benchmark in Policy Development: DotAsia pioneered and implemented one of the most successful TLD Sunrises resulting in 100% satisfaction among IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) practitioners, and a strong foundation of usage. Our innovations in the Pioneer Domains Program (RFP Process), and the auction model for contention resolution has become industry standards and benchmarks.