The Challenge and the Journey

The process to create a new TLD is challenging. DotAsia has a strong experience throughout all aspects of the journey. The original DotAsia proposal went through a complex maze of processes. Many of the issues raised during the DotAsia process at ICANN are now formalized into the New gTLD Applicant Guidebook, including the extended evaluation concept, the GAC early warning system, the Auction contention resolution and other processes. The DotAsia team is prepared to share our expertise, and we believe the DotAsia experience will be invaluable for your success.

1Preparation Phase: Development of the TLD concept, community engagement, technical and business plans, governance structure and liaising with stakeholders in the industry. This is important for the development of the application and to ensure a strong standing through the ICANN process.

2Application Phase: Detailed planning and precise execution is important in the preparation of materials, including technical, business, and funding requirements to ensure that a robust and competent application can be produced.

3Evaluation Phase: After the submission of the application, support in shaping public opinion and community consensus will be critical. Strategic initiatives and undertaking to ensure that concerns from core stakeholder groups are addressed will be crucial to the success of the application.

4Implementation Phase: Implementation is an ongoing phase. Sunrise, eligibility and other policies must be customized according to local realities and target audiences, while technically compatible with ICANN policies and registrar networks to ensure good uptake of the TLD registry.