Partner with DotAsia

DotAsia is flexible with the model for working together with partners. DotAsia is looking to support Asian TLD initiatives as well as global TLD initiatives with a vision that includes the Asian Internet community and marketplace.

Joint Projects
DotAsia is open to establishing joint ventures or joint development initiatives with partners to develop new TLDs.

DotAsia is interested in supporting the development of IDN TLDs and prepared to support the operation of corresponding IDN TLDs, as our partner focuses on the development of their ASCII TLD.

Market Development
DotAsia can provide our expertise and support to TLD initiatives to reach the Asian market as well as the global industry network of registries, registrars and resellers.

Funding Support
DotAsia can fund (community initiatives), invest (commercial initiatives) or assist and work together with partners to raise and leverage further means of financing for TLD initiatives.

Community Development
DotAsia can support and work with partners to develop and implement synergistic community projects that support market awareness and social responsibility.

Strategic Advice & Consultation
DotAsia can also provide strategic and general consulting to support TLD initiatives in the development of market, technology and policy strategies through the ICANN process and beyond.